Tuesday, December 20, 2011


A few days back there was a promise of a very cool story to be told today.  Today is my 14th wedding anniversary and these events are REAL and when that promise was made, it took on more magic than I could ever have expected. 

The story is long.  I will try to be brief and allow the pictures help tell it...use your imagination to add your own emotion to this special story.

Price of gold is going up!  (down since then, but on that day and others before...UP!)  That's when I get a big idea to sell some gold to start my "pool fund".  I gathered up some things that I had not worn in a very long time, found a place I trusted, and began the plan.  First step...Gold Widget, Excel Chart, Weighing--- what I thought I could part with.

Of course I realize I cannot build a pool with $800...it's just a goal! 

Computer crash the day before Thanksgiving that leaves me so flustered!
I can't work for days that turn into nearly a week!

 I decide to sew a pillow out of a new dishtowel thinking it would bring me some peace.
Walk away..take a deep breath and just sew a pillow! 
It needs some old buttons!  Where is that old button tin (the one I've had for years!)?

I finally find it and interestingly enough find some peace too...it's in a drawer and why I put it there during our move I'm not sure.

I have scratched around in this old button box a dozen times, but today...I find a treasure that must have been there all along.  A tiny gold wedding band wrapped with some tape showing that it was too big.  It must have slipped off the finger of whoever owned the button box long ago...she was probably trying to find buttons to sew on her husband's shirt.  Can you imagine her sadness to have never found her wedding ring?

So I decide that I am going to take this gold ring, sell it and buy B a statue for his herb garden and surprise him on our anniversary.  The loss of her ring will take on a new face as it lives on in our garden as a stone angel.

(This is the extraordinary part)
While B is in a meeting, I sneak to the gold store and sell the ring.
Later, we go to a home design center and without going into details, I discover that the money is no longer in my pocket.  I am in hope that I left it in the car, but sad to find it is not there. 

Just in case....I walk back in to the service desk and say to a clerk who is checking someone else out...

"What do you think the chances are, in this time of the season, that  if someone were to find some cash they just might do the right thing and turn it in?"  The woman in front of me says, "I would", the clerk says "I would too" and I add..."that's why I'm even asking...because so would I."

 The clerk says "let's just say a little prayer that they will"...so I begin to write down my name and number and say..."if they don't then Merry Christmas to them because hopefully it fell into the hands of someone who needed it more than me."

Another clerk that had been on the phone and hearing some of our conversation walked up and said...

"Can you describe it"

....all of us standing there were in amazement of what had just happened and our eyes filled with tears.

I don't know if I can really explain it...it wasn't the money...but just the fact that someone did the right thing and welded the faith of four strangers.   These were lives and past lives drawn together by a little gold ring that belonged to someone who probably had a broken heart over the loss...and I believe she was in the mix too.
So there is some statuary somewhere that will soon become part of a lovely garden

That was meant to be purchased with a little gold ring and the right thing.


cash for gold jewellery said...

Isn't it amazing when you find old things that are relics of times past? It's even better when you realise that there are some really good people in the world. Very good people indeed. I'm very pleased for you.

PURA VIDA said...

I am still amazed! Thanks for your comment! God bless you.