Monday, December 12, 2011


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Last night I was watching Warren Buffet on Fox News and he was telling a story about his children.

"I did not build my wealth for them to inherit it," says he. 

His 3 children must have been very ???? (angry) (disappointed) when he gave the vast majority of his multi-billion dollar fortune to Bill Gates...who he referred to as his 3rd son.


But what I was most intrigued with in the conversation, is that his children all only had a high school diploma, never mind the fact they could all have doctorates if their hours at college could add up.

What he and I have in common is this...a belief that an education beyond high school is secondary to a great work ethic and a creative mind!

America is the great country that it is because if you possess

1.  A decent ability to communicate
2.  A grasp of the English language
3.  A bit of whimsy and honesty
4.  G.U.T.S.

you can become a very rich person.  Interestingly enough...all those who honor that way of thinking would consider themselves being rich in a way that money was not the measure.

Case in point...for all those people who love to have a fire but

1.  Don't have a fireplace
2.  Don't like the mess
3.  Fear termites

This channel is for you.  There is a channel called The Fireplace Channel. can put this on your gigantic big screen tv and feel as if you are cozied right up to a crackling romantic blazing fire.

America Rocks!


A big fat cozy romantic fire all day long in your own living room courtesy of someone who

Thought. Outside. The. Box.

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