Friday, December 16, 2011


Get any kazoos!
You see...I had planned on mostly my entire family being here beginning today and celebrating over the weekend for our family Christmas.

Me and peep #1 had a great weekend planned.
Green Chile Stew
Mimosa (when in doubt)
and...big surprise...

A real live sleigh with jingle bells, lights, and drawn by Clydesdale Horses so we could all load up and travel through our little town singing carols.

You see....out of my whole family, I am the only one that remains in our little home town.  It's hard to get to and frankly no one really wants to which became obvious when almost everyone cancelled.

I peep's HS team will play state football at the Cowboy Stadium...don't blame him for missing and he didn't know they would make it when he said he'd come.

Sister Peep's son is in a basketball tournament and her girls are still in class at college.

Other peeps are willing but why do all this for just a few when they had things they could do too?

Yesterday, I was so happy and drove to another town to load up on the groceries and planned to spend today cooking my heart away, listening to music and anticipating the first car driving up to my house!

I looked at a few places for some instruments that would aid in our voices...drums, tambourines and I thought it might be hysterical for a few of us to have a kazoo...even though it really might scare those horses...but so might we.

So...this morning, I put away all the hot sauce and wondered about those 10 avocados and was just thankful that I didn't buy any kazoos.


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