Monday, December 19, 2011


Ok, O.K....I KNOW!  I (we) have a nutcracker obsession!  But how could you not when you see the whimsy and complete magic!  Let me introduce you to the new guys on the mantel...or there about.

Completely expected...that I would find yet another...only he stands guard in the bedroom in which his outfit matches...all pink and plum and sparkly!

Nice Surprise...leave it to Coach Been to find one holding a basketball his first year to officially "belong to our family"...thanks Coach Been!  Nice shorts!

Completely UNEXPECTED!  Wow...what a sweet gesture and wonderful surprise to add
three new ones from Ms. Chris.


Wine and Cheese Man

Not only were these very nice gifts just as Nutcrackers...they actually reflect the things we love

good food...good wine...friends....
birds and otherwise!


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