Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok...I admit I'm a deadline pest, but it seems like it's the only way to really get things done around here.

Funny thing is that we bought this scale (and others) at an auction a couple of summers ago where it lived in our garage thinking that we would "build" our kitchen around it when we built our house.  Plans were to build when peep graduated college but we were given the awesome opportunity to purchase 822 instead.

The scales were always going to be part of our kitchen to accurately weigh sugar, flour and butter when making pound cakes.  For the past several months they have been in this corner all alone and for the life of me I cannot understand why I was the only one who could see that they needed shelves and to be surrounded by a whole bunch of useless white dishes.

Finally I convinced hubby to add the shelves.  In September.  We thought about it, looked at pictures, looked at wood, looked at corbels, had Rick come for an estimate, bought corbels to do ourselves and before you knew it, September was December and that's when I used the old deadline thing that works for me from time to time.

"My family is coming for Christmas on the you suppose it could possibly be done by then?"  You must ask this sweetly/sternly.  Folks are pretty busy around here.

Scales are in our house because hub is a Libra and that's what I collect for him in his behalf.  But I must admit that I am glad that I used the deadline thing because isn't it obvious this looks amazing.
And my entire family really will be here the 17th and this scale area will be very useful to us.

We have lots of weighing to do!

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