Wednesday, November 14, 2012


and the "pick your kid up line" 
at Gus Birdwell Elementary School

Ok...I have been circling Gus Birdwell Elementary for nearly 50 years
on foot
on bike
in car
15 year break
in car
and on pretty days...on foot

I think after all this time I deserve some respect from the newbies.
Since peep began working in a nearby town I now pick up bo-peep each day...
 throwing myself into one of the most chaotic situations I have been involved in 
in a very long time
I thought construction worker coffee breaks were taxing
I'm telling's crazy!

and cut throat
and needs some rules

which I have devised 


1.  Don't give me a dirty look from the cross walk for not letting you go first...I'm in a car
2.  Go ahead lady...step out there...I'll run your fat butt over
3.  Yes teacher I can wear what I want...I wore this yesterday...I'm in deep construction over here and yes you saw that outfit Monday...and yes I am well aware I have wallpaper paste in my ponytail
4.  Did I mention I can wear whatever I want?  This dress can be accessorized with tennis shoes, an apron, sparkly thongs, black tights, a cute sweater, pearls, and in the winter, a heavy sweater and combat boots 
and if you're lucky, some orange lipstick
5.  Don't panic if I'm not the first in line...I'll get there...I know how to do it
6.  No, I am not talking to myself, I am on speaker phone and yes I see the cell phone use prohibited sign..that's why it looks like I'm talking to myself and I don't mind  if you think I'm a kook

7.  I know what my limits are...I would never drive on the sidewalk unless I was texting
which I never no worries

 But these signs do give some motivation to not let my authority go to my head

Don't let your authority go to your head

and RULE #9

it'll all be ok


Sunray Gardens said...

Great post girl. The person in Ohio was a tad too much. She served that sentence for two days this week. Not enough. Now the dog photo I really have to laugh at. Too funny. Good finds! Have a nice week.
Cher Sunray Gardens
Goldenray Yorkies

It's All Connected said...

The great thing about living in the country is the schoolbus. They have very few safety features and are often driven by people who shouldn't have a licence, but they're VERY convenient for lazy moms like I was! ~ Maureen

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

So funny! Have a good night.

carolyn bradford said...

I can DEFINITELY see myself in this position since I went to the school we love, my children went there and now my granddaughter! Aren't they supposed to know who we are?! For crying out loud…there is nothing worse than going up there now and not being recognized nor me knowing who anyone is anymore! And just think…our last one just graduated last year! In my head, it's still the same carpool line, the same aids, the same teachers, you name it!!! I don't like change! Cute post…and oh, so true!

Annmarie Pipa said...

ha ha! pretty funny, pretty true! my kids know to mosey , that I will purposefully be last, saves me 10 minutes and sanity.

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Er excuse me can you all stop jibber jabbering and move your mid size cars, I have to get back home to intimidate the help and freshen up for my tennis session.

heather @ new house new home new life said...

Honestly don't know how people do this every day. What happened to children walking to school? I know, I know I'm in a minority on this one. Just saying....


Picking up your kids from school is a sport for sure....and who is that cute dog????? With the poopy face???