Wednesday, November 21, 2012


In the summer of my 5th grade year
I was riding my bicycle down Barkley Street and I stopped in front of 822

I said to myself in just a whisper
"Pretend you live here and you live here with a man who will give you diamonds"

I have never forgotten the scene in Far and Away
where Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise had broken into a home

and they sat down in front of a diamond window as the snow falls behind them
she said

"Pretend you love me and I am your wife"

and he said

"I pretend"

and they kissed

Our lives are not like the movie
instead it is filled with
hammers and nails and ladders and saws
we have painted and caulked and plumbed and wired
 are the demolition crew
the pool boy
 the sod layer 
the grass mower
 the base coat guys
the apprentice on a 25 foot ladder
the tile cutters
the rock stackers
and most days in a very unromantic state of being

but the heart and soul of 822
building something to last forever for those we love

 just recently I remember that wish so long ago
and I realize that I do indeed live here with man who has given me diamonds
and the only one thing greater than my abundance 

via last Christmas

is my gratitude for it

I hope that you find yourself in this time of Thanksgiving
giving thanks for all the things you hold dear


Ron said...

I hope you and your have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for your nice comments at Uptown Acorn. xo

Annmarie Pipa said...

I think in 5th grade I may have still been playing with barbie dolls...and they just got dressed up and went to parties , so didn't even want Ken ...
happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Laura said...

This is wonderful dear friend!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Marina Pérez said...

Thanks Gina, we don't celebrate thanksgiving in Spain but I try to give thanks every day

It's All Connected said...

It's so amazing that a little girl's wish has come true! I find it profoundly moving as proof that we shape our existence by visualizing, imagining and willing our reality. Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Maureen

Anonymous said...

that was amazing, the kind of amazing that makes the little hairs on your neck tingled, thankyou for sharing!!

Stacy Curran said...

I love that scene, too, and I love this post! Such a beautiful sentiment, written perfectly! Happy Thanksgiving,

carolyn bradford said...

Such a beautiful post, Gina! I am so very thankful for you and all of your sweet comments and stopping by Vintage Mulberry! I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving! I've never seen this movie but know for certain we will be renting it on Apple TV! Maybe tonight!

Fashion-isha said...

This is just beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

That was such a beautiful post.....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ivy and Elephants said...

So beautiful. A true blessing indeed.
Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.