Saturday, November 17, 2012


"What?  This old orange lipstick?  Well...I only wear it when I don't care how I look!"'m a bit of a boy these days...cross dresser...or maybe you could say I dress like a person who is in constant state of construction and all that implies....

you name's on my outfit

but I also have a job
mostly I am able to do the vast majority of my job boy construction clothes

But on occasion when I am texted, or emailed or called...for a photo op I have

a dress...with ruffles...

I bought this dress early in the summer for a wedding shower for Mattie...and I swear I have worn that thing about a hundred times.  Even the people at Hobby Lobby are thinking..."that dress?  AGAIN?"  What I love about it is that I can lay it across a chair, slip it over my head and walla!  Instant reporter!

So yesterday was one of those days..."Hey we got a new ambulance...can you come take a picture and do an interview?"

I slip on the dress
I  rat my hair
I tear out the perfume page in my Neiman Marcus catalog and apply to wrists
and put on some orange lipstick
(My mom used to wear red lip liner, orange lipstick with gold over it)

When I get to the fire station and meet with the City Manager and the EMS director..there are several other people there.  One of them says to me...

She:  "what color is your lipstick?"
Me:  "I don't know just something orange that I got at Alco"
Me:  "want me to kiss your hand so you can match it?"
She:  "when I do nails and toes, some people like to match their lipstick and I can just tell them to go to Alco for that color"
Me to myself:  "Those must be some high maintenance women!"

So later...I catch another girl kind of giving my legs the look over and all I can think about is how hairy they  probably are and that this is a day I should have worn black tights under this dress...

and when I get home realize my legs are covered with paint (I have been painting cabinets in my bathroom)...oopsie...I guess I was too busy fluffing the upper stuff and forgot about my issues down south

but in the big picture I was actually kind of's been a long time since someone asked me about my lipstick!


Annmarie Pipa said...

bet that orange just perks them right up...
I am wearing the same outfit to a gala tonight that I wore last weekend to a party... I wonder how many of the same people will be there and if anyone will maybe I'll wear bright lip stick and they'll notice that!

Anonymous said...

well I was hoping for a photo of that dress!!! You made me smile with the paint splattered legs, thats so funny, I am always covered in paint but its from my art, I sometimes think I don't own a piece of clothing without paint on it!!!
You must have looked lovely if people were complimenting you!! You are woman of many talents!

Geneva said...

Soul mates! I could identify with every word!