Tuesday, November 6, 2012


There's not much better than a 

I have not been surprised while driving down Hwy 207 a time or two
listening to 
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Medved
and hear the words on live radio
"Ok...we have on the line Frank from Spearman..."

What I love about Frank (the list is long)
He is passionate, he is honest and he says what he thinks
or in this case, posts it.

I use Facebook to promote the HPOs
and rarely comment, but I had to keep my fingers busy and off the keyboard as I read his post
to keep from typing
please enjoy this thread so appropriate on 
election day 2012
it all began with the above receipt and this comment

Food stamp corruption at work! Paid for by taxpayers and reform ignored by Democrats! When's the last time you had lobster?

  • Edwin Pearcy:  But , con't you know we aren't giving enough to help the poor??????
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  • Scott Novak In the words of Spongebob, "having a job is too much work!"
  • Jason Babitzke Hey, they have to live high on the hog sometimes. That's what the govt. eats. Why not? lol
  • Wayne Kennedy NO SURPRISE HERE!!
  • Millie Groneman Archie I see it everyday!!! It kills me when u see how much they have left on their card after they buy food that we can afford to have on occasion....
  • Chris Strawn I want to know where I can buy 6 lobsters and 2 porter house steaks for $141.78 . Damn fine savings if you ask me. Especially on the 5 cases of Diet Mt. Dew. :-) There may be a tiny bit of photoshop at work here...
  • Paul Renteria Photoshop at its best. some people just put anything on here and so many people believe it. Worse than Gossip table at the cafe.
  • Wayne Kennedy Well considering I've been behind people doing just this at supermarkets I still say ebt cardholders should be limited to ground beef and ordinary staples, not prime cuts and lobster. Absurd!
  • Paul Renteria So how many have the right to judge if your catholic or christian. throw the first stone.
  • Chris Strawn Hey I was just trying to make a joke. I thought that was a good price on steaks and lobster is all.
  • Frank Salgado Horse crap Paul. We all judge and we all throw stones! Whether the pic is photo-shopped or not, there still is abuse! Food stamps should go the ones who really need it. Hot damn! I hate when people come back with the "don't judge" mantra! Are we suppose to sit back and let crap happen? I have every right to judge! You know why? Because God is a wonderful mystery and when I stand before him in judgement, then He will correct me! Not Paul Renteria!
  • Paul Renteria Thats why you live your life and i live mine.Will i get food stamps asshole so next week i give you my grocery list so you can post it.
  • Frank Salgado Well....well....lol! Look how decided too judge! You feel for my trap you small minded fool! You enjoy your food stamps little man! While we are on the subject, thank everyone who "liked" and commented on this post for paying for your food!!! Lol!
  • Jason Babitzke I don't judge either. It's wrong and if people don't see it that way they can kiss my ass
  • Nora Saenz frank...check and mate..lol
  • Wayne Kennedy That's why we will come out and vote to eliminate those that mooch off of hardworking people. I agree with a helping hand UP when you need it, but people who want something for nothing only deserve a swift kick in the ass. I'm happy to oblige!
  • Paul Renteria Frank you over smarted a mentally handicap person. Good for you!
  • Frank Salgado Oh so now you are a victim! You started this Paul! Feel free to delete me or don't comment on my posts. You know my political convictions! If you want to hate, then that's fine by me. Like you said.....you live your life and I live mine. No heartbreak here!
  • Wayne Kennedy Paul - you are a photographer and cannot feed your famila without assistance? Time for a new career buddy. Sorry perhaps you can shoot weddings on the side?
  • Paul Renteria I had a softball brain tumor removed from my brain and live with tremors and epilepsy now. I’m on full disability.
  • Wayne Kennedy Roger. Then you are the exception, not part of the problem. People like you I'm happy to help out
  • Millie Groneman Archie There are those that need help and then there are those that abuse. When you personally see those that abuse it it can make you bitter. The elderly that only get $10 a month can also make you bitter. What bothers me the most is the kids that are in their early 20's and get $800 a month!!!!
  • Tony Ortiz One shouldn't be mad at those who get food stamps. And it really shouldn't matter what they purchase with them. If they qualify, then they qualify. One should perhaps be upset with the people that qualify them. Right? I know that people only get a set amount per month depending on their income. If they choose to buy expensive items, then the food stamps won't render as much food. This would mean they maybe don't get meals for every day of the month. Whether they get 10 meals or 30 meals a month.....well, it's really up to them. I don't know if I qualify or not. But believe me, I've often wondered when I've had lower moments in my live. But, my mom always told me to never depend on Anyone for help. If I want it, then I get it. I do whatever i need to do. Work a couple more over time hours or pick up a side job. If I want lobster, then I'll make sure to Make the money so I can have it. We really shouldn't be upset or hate on those that have the assistance. We should work Harder so we Don't need the assistance. Sorry, but I have to get back to work now!;-)
  • Frank Salgado I have to go back to work too. :)
  • Orlando Ortiz HEY !!!! If I could get on food stamps I would totally do it and buy all yall lobster !!!!! Look, we are getting screwed by the government whether we like it or not !!!! (especially if Obama wins) The way I look at it, its our money to begin with so I say we all go apply !!! Who's with me ?????
  • Frank Salgado LOL! Lobsters at Orly's house this weekend! :)
  • Nikki Strawn Sanders Obama gave me a CELL PHONE!!


Annmarie Pipa said...

I remember seeing this.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

All I can say is holy sh*t. I'm disgusted by the whole thing. My SIL is a single mom raising two girls on her own and only barely makes the bills each month. No child support from their deadbeat dad. If we didn't help out, I don't know how she'd make it. She works two jobs and doesn't qualify for anything...because she 'makes too much money'. WTH? The abuse in our system is staggering.
I'll shut up now before I go on the warpath.