Wednesday, December 5, 2012


On Barkley Street
we have owls
that nest in the tree down the street
Have you ever seen a baby owl in the nest?


Pier 1 has!
They have nailed it!
They are little tiny white balls of fluff with huge eyes

the mantel in the living room/music room
is a nature mantel
with pine cone garland
bark deer
wicker trees
owls in nests
(the nests are filled with shredded music from the piano teacher whose house I lived in years ago..I found the hymnals in her basement)

These little fluffs are our 3 daughters
these two strong bucks are our sons
(I have another one stashed for when we get another son)

And this...this poor lonely little ball of fur (Betty) 
will be lonely no more

because in a few short months 
(actually 9 or so )

well....let's just our excitement we have added a teeny tiny stocking to the 


Anonymous said...

oh my flipping gosh! I so wish I had a Pier One store, I would love one of these babies, beautiful!!!!!

Annmarie Pipa said...

really very pretty!!

Maureen Wyatt said...

I love how each bird and deer represents a loved one. But, the big news is the little stocking! Congratulations!!! What an awesome Grandma you will be.

Marina Pérez said...

I love all kind of decoration in Christmas but I think real houses are the best, everyone express in this season what they feel with their way of decorating, for the best party in the year: Jesús birthday.

Geneva said...

Your mantel is beautiful ... I LOVE the owls and had actually admired them at Pier One myself, but most of all I love that little Green Stocking! Congratulations!!!

Leslie said...

You DID nail it! Those little deer and owls are perfect. I need to get over to Pier One.. been ages since I visited :)

StagerLinda said...

Holy Christmas Owl! Those babies are adorable! Pier 1 rules and you gave those babies a new life on your mantel.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I love owls. My dear friend who makes FELTED NEEDLE animals made a white baby owl and I had to scoop it up. You are now giving me the idea to put her in my tree! Oh you come up with the most lovely ideas!

I bet your cottage/castle is looking marvelous these days.....MORE PICTURES PLEASE! Anita

podso said...

Your little owls decorate your mantle so sweetly! And very cute besides! And I like your front door --and thanks for showing all the doors. I love to look at doors and windows!