Monday, December 10, 2012


my hippie bff is such a cool grandmother
this summer she had a little yard sale for her 3 granddaughters and I happened upon them

This lovely little atomizer belonged to HER aunt
I snatched it up so fast and paid them extra!

and then I got a most clever idea~
for my dressing room table to be 
I am going to take photos of my small collection of
vintage perfume bottles

and I'm going to 
on to a 12x12x2 wrapped canvas
my favorite is 
Oil Paint Style
You might like
Deep Sponge
Or Knife Impasto
Or Heavy Knife Impasto
Or Oil Paint Mild

I haven't decided yet...still playing around with the thought of it all
you know..backgrounds, placement, all different?  all the same?
which bottles?  all the same color?
and if you visit the site, you will find dozens of styles from sketch to sepia...tons to choose from

I think I could spend all day fiddlling this one little perfume bottle
and my next idea was to print it on some old paper and mat and frame it
for my hippy bff for Christmas and her vintage dressing table!


stefanie said...

ooo, looks fun!!!!

podso said...

I hope you show the finished product--it sounds like a fun project! and A Clever Idea.

Karen Albert said...

Love, love the perfume bottle!This is so fun and really amazing! Another project to put on my list...

2012 Artists Series,
Art by Karena

Annmarie Pipa said...

that would be the best gift ever! it!!!
at prayer group today a woman suggested we all put holy water in atomizers and spray everyone and everything..

Marina Pérez said...

Beautiful item, It must be very old and fragile, I think It's a jewel. Beautiful!!

Heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

For some reason I'm not getting yoru posts, so I'm signing up again to get them in my email.

What a great bottle - love the "oil paint mild" effect.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Looks like fun and it is the kind of thing that guarantees a slapdash dinner because mom fell down some rabbit hole on the internet. LOL!

TSL said...

Fiddle dee dee! That is going to put us fine artists out of commission! LOL - reallly super sweet blog here, I am loving it! I have a GIVEAWAY that stops midnight the 14th if interested!

Stacey said...

what a lovely vintage piece! great idea too!

Stacy Curran said...

I'm sure that whatever you decide will be awesome. That bottle IS gorgeous!

Lo veo y me gusta said...

Me encanta, es precioso.

Style Maniac said...

A lovely atomizer and a lovely idea. Have not heard of Fiddle before -- very cool. Has me thinking of what I should Fiddle with ....

By Nela said...