Monday, April 15, 2013


I suppose this "changing of the beds" came about for me
as the owner of a 
Bed & Breakfast for a few years

In that scenario...
is the most important thing
next to 
the breakfast!

summer or winter...I always begin with a linen spray

and this one is my favorite
it smells like the salty air of the ocean
the next best thing to hanging your sheets out on the line
and filling each thread with sun and breeze

take away the heavy fabric pillow
by all means
do NOT take away the pillows
they are needed to prop up to read, watch tv, eat, and surround yourself
like you are in a safe comfy cocoon!

I love the old vintage cases
I don't even care if the monogram is right
but this happens to be 
bring me a blueberry

white is so pretty all the year long 
but especially in the summer

so light and airy

in our master
I like the summer look to be
tossed on

like you look back and say
"I'm off to a time to make the bed!"
wrinkles and krinkles

mostly white, but with a hint of that mist

lots of pattern

and an extra down quilt nearby for the nights that get kind of cool!

do you like to fluff your beds?


Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

I love that wrinkles and krinkles
are acceptable to you! I love a fluffed bed, and my hubby even enjoys all the pillows. I'll be on the lookout for the Caldrea linen spray. Sea Salt Neroli sounds wonderful to me!

Marissa said...

Ohh la la!!!
I love nice white crisp pillows makes the room always look clean and fresh! I need to remember the Caldrea linen spray..I bet it smells like clean cotton!

Anonymous said...

oh yes I do, my bed is my nest, pillows pillows all white for me, yes I would find that bed of yours very comfy indeed, I love you r nest! The linen spray I have never smelled, I have never bought I have only saw one kind here and it smelled awful! Yours sounds wonderful but our small town doesn't have that, too bad,

Minha vida de campo said...

Hello. I love bed.
O quarto é a peça da casa que eu mais gosto de ficar. Amo enfeitar a cama. Antes eu só suava lençóis brancos, agora comprei uns coloridos. Eu gosto muito de roupas de cama branca. Estou aprendendo a fazer colchas de retalhos. Quero ter um estilo para cada estação. Adorei as sugestões que tu destes.
Tenha uma ótima semana.

chateau chic said...

Love your bright cool looking linen whites! So pretty for summer.
Mary Alice

Leslie said...

Your bed looks perfect.. krinkles in all:) I like white too, with lots of pillows. Linen spray is always a nice touch!

Happy Monday!


Heather - New House New HOme said...

So pretty, Gina. I always use a lavender linen spray, especially when making up the guest room. It's such a nice touch with crisp white linens.

In a bed like yours, I can see myself napping on a warm summer afternoon after a day in the garden.


Maureen said...

The only housekeeping thing I'm fanatical about is beds. I use high thread count white sheets and iron them with lavender linen water. My friends all think I'm crazy but that's how I like to sleep. Your bed looks so comfy and welcoming!