Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My friend Alison at
is hosting

Favorites on the First: Favorite Lamps

I don't really join in that much because usually I don't have that much time to figure out how to do it
even though I know link parties have to be simple
I want to make sure I do it correctly
today I decided to give it a whirl
because I'm about to be snowed in..booger!

first things first....choose my favorite lamp
(this caused me to kind of copy her**hope that's ok friend**as I went through my house 
in search of my favorite light for her post)

This lamp was purchased at a benefit auction donated by my kid's great Aunt Rosalee
none of them had a place for it, like I did, but I thought someday one of them would 
and be glad I purchased it

I love these sparkly buffet lamps..a purchase from Hobby Lobby
the shades are paisley velvet

crazy about these chandys from Lowes! 
Beautiful and such a fair price! 

We bought this at a trade fair near Dallas...I just had to have it
you can't really tell, but that's an Edison Bulb...I'm surprised I have not been electrocuted yet
it needs new wires for sure!
just across the room is this cute little lamp I have owned for nearly ever
I love cute little lamps like this!

on to the 
front entry chandy
sconces in the entry
hot glued shades...ouch!
Frenchy Master Bath Sconces

to match the Frenchy Master Bedroom Chandys

and bedside sconces
(oopsie for the clothes pile getting captured in the photo)
over the tub chandy..watch out tall folks..
this came from Charleston on a summer trip a few years ago
Coach Been's bath shower chandy
he's a fancy coach!
Coach Been's overhead plain old light turned chandy with upside down shade and crystals
guest room sitting area--Pier 1 lamp 
I have a hard time staying out of Pier 1 for any item!
I'm beginning to see a pattern here
lamps with fluff, bling, and foofoo

don't be thinking I'm too cool yet
unless...you think this old fixture is cool...you know?  It kind of is, now that I think of it!

light your niches ya'll

on to the kitchen...
middle of the night fridge light!
over the island Pottery Barn custom copy
(had to get someone to make it because Pottery Barn light was too long)
fill your demijon with Christmas lights in case your garage is full

pot lights to light your kitchen window

stairway lights to light your path in the dark when you forgot you left your computer on

I love sunlight
streaming in through stain glass
flooding through beveled glass

and exposing fat naked body glass
in summer this view will be so much prettier...hope with me will you?

my favorite?
that's a tuffy!  
but I am very very partial to this pair of old purple lead glass and copper sconces
that are original to this house
they are heavy and that lead glass has turned to this wonderful lavender shade over the years of exposure!

at the end of this post I'm still trying to choose
 the light I will add to Alison's blog!  
And realize how many rooms I didn't take photos in or lamps that I forgot
but one thing I did realize...and that's my favorite most very favorite kind of light in the world 

which is


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, so many beautiful lamps and lights, candle light is my fav but I do love the purple lanterns on each side of your door, I truly do,

Marissa said...

WOw~ That was an amazing tour of lights!! I can't pick witch lighting I like the most.. love the way you put Christmas lights in demijon, love the cozy buffet lamps.. and the upside down shade is really neat too.. Oh geez I love it all...
Gina, you have a beautiful home!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HELLO THERE MY DEAR! How nice to see you today and all your lights! My favorite? The natural light filtering into your home through those magnificent LEADED WINDOWS! And your smile of course today has lit my face up too. HAPPY DAY!!! Anita

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

well, I have to agree that the fridge light might not be the prettiest, but it sure is the most needed and that should make it everyone's favorite!

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

I quite like the old fixture with those globe bulbs but Gina where are the disco lights girl?

By Nela said...

Un post con un brillo especial.
Un cariñoso abrazo.


Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

The pair of old purple lead glass and copper sconces that are original to your house stole my heart. You have a great assortment of lamps and lighting fixtures!

HolleyGarden said...

I loved seeing all your light sources. And - Wow - how wonderful to have old lead sconces that have turned lavender! They are fantastic!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

What an awesome post, Gina!
So much fun seeing so many knooks and spaces in your gorgeous stone home. Your cathedral ceiling in one of those last photos looks amazing.

You had me smiling when you shared even your refrigerator light!

Still love the French sconces on either side of the sink. You have so many pretty spots.

There is a lighting code here in Illinois that will not allow chandeliers to be hung over a bath tubs! Such a bummer!

Loving YOURS.

Thanks so much for linking up with Favorites on the First, Gina!


designchic said...

What an amazing tour of lights, lamps and chandeliers. Just love your chandelier in the entrance!!

NanaDiana said...

Wonderful, wonderful light fixtures...but I am with you-I like the last one best- xo Diana

Heather - New House New HOme said...

You've got me thinking about all the lamps and light fixtures in our house and how many I would never photograph because they are just too ugly. No fancy chandies in our bathrooms :-)