Friday, April 12, 2013


and speaking of winter beds...

I find it a bit difficult to marry an ocean theme
to a winter you?
but I am so enchanted with water and all that implies

I love shells and beach wood and the endless beauty and mystery of an ocean
and I especially love the calming color of a distant mist

so I knew this room would be perfect for just that sort of thing!
do you remember us water staining these boards one by one?
boy howdy I sure do!

let me take you back
oh no...this is not the beginning...this is the tidied up version of the beginning
do you see over there just where there's a bit of a step up?
when we were taking this old apartment apart...well...we found a 
petrified cat
I think about it from time to time
and wish I would have kept it to go with our petrified squirrel we found in the walls
this is the view from the bathroom into the bedroom
after quite a bit of headway

do you remember the issue that our sconces were not measured for a bed?
only a mattress? so we had to get a queen?  that really has not been an issue at all, glad to say!

I had these vintage linens for nearly ever
carrying them around with me all over
(this means the entire nation in Texas slang)
so I could match stuff with them

this is the duvet cover for our fluffy down comforter
which is something I insist on for every bed!
(overstock is the best!  $2.95 shipping every day!)

these velvet pillows actually go to my sofa..glad I had the sense to keep them 
I got my couch long before this bedroom was done!

so back to the winter ocean bedroom
I suppose all oceans also have winter, right?

so in the winter...this is what the bed looks like

but today?
ah will the velvets and scruffy stuff will be put away
the sun is out, the air is warming

and the whites and lazy daisy blues
lightweight and summery
are about to make it onto that
wonderful queen size bed
for the season of summer!


StagerLinda said...

Your winter bed is gorgeous as are your summer linens. It must be hard to have to make yourself leave it every morning--sust a lovely, comfortable nest.

Heather - New House New HOme said...

The addition of the blue velvet pillows really makes it cozy. And you're right - a lot of beaches have winter. And you have a taken the idea and made it work.

Burlap Luxe said...

I love the winter bed, and there are many snow covered beaches. Shells look great year around and so does your blues. A great beach color is the soft sand tones and blues perfect for those winter fog filled beaches and as well as bright sunny summer days, I think blue is a year around color and your beach style is elegant with the chandelier, the wall sconces, the mirrored night side table and the glass on the cross reminding me of beach glass.

Your beach room has the soft and hard edges of a year around look with the darks and lights of the woods used and a perfect mix. This is a room to love.

Thank you my dear friend for taking the time to visit my little shakers and what they inspired, thank you for leaving such a beautiful comment.

Enjoy that beautiful room, I know I would love to lay in bed and take in the beauty of its ceiling :)


aka Bailey said...

What an amazingly beautiful space you have! The tranquil colors, the exposed wood.. I love it!


NanaDiana said...

Love the winter bed and your bedroom is gorgeous. I love the combination of soft and rustic. Great job all the way around pulling everything together- xo Diana

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

love all the different pillows. Your bed looks great no matter what the season!

Marissa said...

Love it!
you have such nice things!! looks almost like a spa!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

That bed looks super-comfortable. And I am also enamored by everything ocean-related. I am looking forward to a beach vacation this summer! :)

Stacy Curran said...

The bed is gorgeous, as is the whole room. I especially love the chandelier. Stacy

Annmarie Pipa said...

your room is enchanting! oh lucky lucky you!!!! enjoy those blessings!