Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Long years ago when I was young, my mom and her friends 
(it was a cute little boutique on 3rd Street decorated with plain brown sacks)

there was an up and coming
*Silver Jewelry*
the jewelers said

and later another of those trends in both home and fashion


so I set about my house (because it's too cold to play outside)
to see how much skin I'm showing around 822
and I must admit
I was surprised
(I think the rule is...just a little bit of print goes a long way but you need a little...right?)


I actually purchased this fabric for my piano bench but changed my mind

and went for a more natural blue zebra

if you can mix fabrics
then I think you can mix animal prints
this is actually just feet away at the table in the
"music room"

I bought this cowhide in Canton Texas
and really don't have a place for it now since we installed carpet
so it is currently in the wine cellar to be

When it's not too cold to play outside
these pillows from Wal-Mart* will be on my patio furniture
..but I doubt I ever put away that cozy throw...even in the summer it feels good to wrap up in that thing!

we've already seen the mink pillows

but don't you love this brown tone zebra fabric?
 I just couldn't decide which floral pillow I liked best
so I'm still thinking about that

one thing I might like better than animal print?
wooden santos!

my little cheetah chair in my little tiny prayer room
has been covered in this fabric for many years
so I liked it a long time ago!

what about this cozy little spot with a throw right there just in case?
this is where Betty and I sit and watch the birds in the yard

the 8x10 rug in the art loft
this has been in 3 of our houses
and one in Lubbock

bored yet? get my point I'm sure
the only thing I think could be better than silver and/or animal skin
is the two of them together!!!!

so, let's just say that you wanted to
go all in
(as they say in the casinos)

I kind of like the thought that someone wouldn't just 
jack around with a few pillows here and there

don't you?


Anonymous said...

you know i have no skins or furs in my house, funny thing is a grew up in house filled with beaver fox and wolf pelts, a trappers daughter!!
I love the touches you have added to your home, I especially love the chair thats a beauty, the furs and skins add such a lovely touch to the rooms, they look good with botanical prints and fabrics,

NanaDiana said...

Love a bit of animal here and there in my house, too. ..and I'm not talking visiting grandkids! You have added some great fabrics to your place. Your Mom sounds like she was ahead of her time! xo Diana

Jean said...

I loved your photos and couldn't help but think of Bill Blass'
famous apartment in NYC.
I also loved the jewelry at the beginning and the end, as a big part of my life involves jewelry design!

jean yates

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Animals prints are neutrals, right?
They go anywhere!

Stacy Curran said...

I agree - you can totally mix animal prints as long as it's done right, like anything else!

HolleyGarden said...

I only have a little bit of animal print, as my husband doesn't like it. But I think it's classic and will never go out of style. Love all your prints - but I am especially jealous of the cowhide! I've always wanted one, but would have no place to put it.

Marissa said...

WIne cellar to be?...can't wait to see it gets better every time I visit here...
Animal prints touches here and there are a fun..As long as you don't get carried away like my friends mom who has it in every nook and cranny...dishes, pillowcases,Kleenex boxes,throws, every rug, kitchen towels, bath towels, lamp shades,curtains, even in picture's an amazing would not believe your eyes...

Lilla Kullan said...

I hope you are doing well. Heard about the sad things in Texas today on news.:-(
Hugs Stina

Penelope's Beehive said...

It is always a pleasure to visit your home, for it is always filled with special delights!
Wishing you much joy ...

Jan said...

LOVE the same that your mom used for her shop - and, you're right, who knew sterling silver would take off and be huge? For me, a little animal print goes a long way but I do love the texture and luxurious feel of it. If we had mink pillows on our bed the dogs wouldn't let us near them, they would be sleeping on them! -- Jan

Heather - New House New HOme said...

That wine cellar is awesome!! Can just imagine sitting there having a glass (or three) of merlot, nuzzling my feet into that gorgeous hide!! You have such a way of creating an ambience in your decor. Inspiring, my friend.

Maureen said...

I don't have any animal print in the house, but I do have a pillow made from an old mink jacket. It grosses my vegetarian grandkids out. I did have a full, leopard pattern outfit at one time, but that was the eighties so I think I can be forgiven!

Minha vida de campo said...

Amei seus tecidos de pele de animais. Parece que estamos na africa. Aqui antigamente se usava muito peles de animais. Agora tudo é proibido. Tenho uma pele de ratão do banhado em minha casa. Ameis seus travesseiro de visom. Tudo muito bonito.
Kisse. Have a nice week.

TSL said...

What a charming post all the way to the end. I have a thing for zebra prints myself, but could mix it up a bit, I am inspired. Lastly, just love that you have a tiny prayer room.

StagerLinda said...

You are a definitely a GO BIG kinda gal. Love how you partner your variety of animal print. I want a prayer room. Love they way you write, Gina.

Leslie said...

Wonderful touches Gina! .. and yep, a girls gotta have a little leopard:) My SIL has cow hide on here kitchen stools and it looks great. It's fun to see all the variety that you have!