Wednesday, May 18, 2011


That is...the bees are back.

Last summer while in the process of purchasing 822...we came across a huge beehive that had been there for over 4 Jason the Bee Man told us.

The wild bees went along with my dream of having bees and making lavendar honey.  Such a happy dream.

I was really sad to see Jason the Bee Man wrap up my wild hive and take it to Mobeetie.  He assured me when we got ready, he would bring me a queen and set me up with a domestic hive.  But they couldn't wait...or some of them couldn't ...or new ones couldn't...because they have found a new place to live...or new ones have found a new place to live.
They are right....we have a honey of a place to dwell...for birds and bees and flowers and trees, the moon up above and yes....a thing called love.
Thank goodness A&M peep took a bee class her last semester of college.  She tried to sell me her books, but I reminded her that I had purchased them brand new and well....I traded her an Old Navy dress..nwt.
Guess that lavendar honey isn't going to be so far in the future after all.  Hope someone gets me a bee suit for my birthday.

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