Monday, May 2, 2011


But I just can’t help it.

I love stuff and I am constantly seduced by floral chintz and the latest issue of Pottery Barn.

Let me just say…it’s been a long winter. A long winter of intermittent no heat, no water, no kitchen sink, and all my stuff stacked in the garage and/or other bedrooms getting covered with a new dusting of whatever is falling from above that day.

But as I have nestled in front of my hearth with only my simple needs….(a comfy chair, a warm blanket, a good book or two, my bible study, a nice glass of wine…in front of a blazing fire and football)….I realize that I can and enjoy living without much fuss. Or stuff.

In fact, maybe I have discovered who I really am and want to be more of.

I want to grow my own vegetables and hang them on my wall to eat the next day, I want to feed the backyard creatures and walk inside with a butterfly on my jeans.

And then…and then…..the earth tilts…the dreary winter is coming to an end….the cabinets are in, the flooring is in, the china cabinet is in…and the Pottery Barn catalog is in…and I am seduced all over again.

I want I want I want I want…the mercury lights would look so good in our new kitchen. And that lumbar pillow with a hand painted ocean floor is just the right shade of blue. And how am I expected to live without that cute little basket that holds your spoons?

So…here I go again…maybe I can have a spectacular garage sale on the porch and make enough money to buy this cute little mirror that needs to have these to die for candles sitting near!

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