Monday, May 9, 2011


Do you  know where you're going?

Is your life marked with an X that says "YOU ARE HERE"?

Sometimes...we know right where we want to be and get on the metro and go right there.

Sometimes we are so busy planning and looking and studying that we just get on the train and just go where we're supposed to be.


I find it rather fun to know where I'm supposed to be only...I mess up...and I get off the train at the wrong time and discover I'm not where I'm supposed to be but instead a very cool place.

If you don't wander off in the wrong direction from time to might never discover things like the two story Safeway in L'Enfante or have a chance to purchase an appropriate compass necklace at Outfitters in Foggy Bottom.


Eat shrimp tacos with a fine mojito...just on the edge of Chinatown.

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