Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As the summer draws to a close for some, I find myself caught up in the reflection of its ending.  The corn is past, the days grow short and another season is around the corner.  What have I learned this summer?

1.  Orange is worth repeating

2.  Sobriety is best appreciated at 7 AM

3.  Barnabas is most likely the author of Hebrews, but we may never know as he forgot to sign it

4.  Dreams really do come true

5.  The happines and sadness of your friends and family belong to you....happy is better

6.  Tiger Woods is shotgun on the karma bus

7.  Flex pipe is the new galvanized pipe.  Replace your pipes you people!

8.  Flex pipe has not been time tested.  Replace with caution!

9.  Sometimes a gut punch that leaves you breathless lurks just around the corner.  So choose to live while you're living.

10.  Bryan-College Station is very very far from Spearman Texas and there are many more "D" names at college graduation than highschool.

OK.....12....I have learned 12 for sure...maybe more, but I will stop at 12 so not to bore you.

11.  Passports expire and cannot be renewed at Hansford County Clerk's office anymore.  Plan Ahea

12.  Marigold pie?...well....it's just the best!  And my new favorite pie!

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