Thursday, August 18, 2011


I am sitting here in plain sight at my computer...and yes P.O.

Why?  Well....for the past month we have "taken a rest" from all the construction as we have given ourselves time to:
1.  Graduate peep from college (long trip)
2.  Move peep to new college (not so long Yay!)
3.  Do a few details ourselves which we are not half bad at
4.  Enjoy a few things that we have accomplished

And they are back!

In the past weeks we have plumbed a bathroom, wired a bathroom and are now sheetrocking a bathroom that was gutted to the studs. 

Sheetrocking this 8x10 has taken nearly 3 days.  Why you ask? 
I think I could have done it by now.  And I'm short.

So...I am sitting here in plain sight...did I already say that?..yes I believe I did...and I overhear Man 1 say,
"I'm done...this lady here is pissed off and he is worthless and lazy and I'm leaving.  I'm sick of Man 2." what did I DO??

Am I typing meanly?  Am I not saying "bless you" to the sneezes?  Does my back straighten and my jaw clench when I see Man 2 lean against my unfinished wall and watch Man 1 hammer? they are singing some Spanish song...I think they might have been joking.

Booger...I was hoping that jaw clenching was getting me somewhere!

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