Thursday, August 4, 2011


Meet the newest family born this spring.  They began (besides eggs) as tiny white fluffs barely peeking over the crook of the tree.  In a few short weeks they could no longer be hidden.

Owls mate for life and live many many years.  The owls have delivered 4 sets of offspring  in this tree located near our house.  For weeks we could hear the parents hooting in our tallest tree around 3 each morning.  We were able to finally understand why when we realized the nest was not big enough for them all.

And now in just the past few weeks we have seen this one in our trees.  We believe he is an offspring because despite how large he looks, he is just an adolescent and more than likely one that hatched this spring coming back to his familiar home.

After googling owl facts, I came upon a live feed of some barn owls.
I sent the link to hub and this was his reply: "so that is a live feed and you just sit there and watch the owls all day??? "
My answer:  "well....if you don't have anything else to do...I've watched it quite a bit"
but...let's job is at a don't get the idea that I'm just sitting here watching an owl sleep.

Man I love rural life! And watching live owl streams beats posting press releases all day long!

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