Tuesday, August 16, 2011


For the life of me I cannot figure what is UP with the owls?  They are everywhere...Urban Outfitters, Hobby Lobby, World Market, YouTube, around my neck and even in my backyard in my trees.

First came the owl in the trees and then peep bought me and her this necklace which I wear often.  Never thought I would turn into a jewelry theme person, but I kind of have.

Lately the owls seem to pop up everywhere!  So much so that I even looked online to see if it was the Chinese Year of the Owl...nope Rabbit.

One cannot go to A&M without visiting the famous Dixie Chicken...beer and burgers and that's it...beer...and beer...but next door is this tiny little place made only for shots...a shot bar...which is very strict, says the bouncer, on I.D.ing.

I don't have my I.D.  I am obviously 50 but he will not let me in, which matters not as I am not taking a shot to save my life...I have graduation at 9 AM.  Yet I (more than once) show him my owl necklace as if it is some sort of identification on a lariat.  Nope...he does not let me in.  I show him again...and again...all my peeps are crowded around and I am hearing "Slippery Buttery Nipples", "YagerMisters" and "Pissed off Japanese Minnow Farmers"...

"Please"?...he walks to the shot tender and comes back and lets me in...in my imagination he says, "see that old nutty lady?  She keeps showing me her owl.  And the shot tender feels pity and says..."let her in!"

So...my owl necklace has afforded me the luxury of some sort of identity and moved me to the front of the line to the shot bar.  Fun.

When I walk back into the Chicken, I once more show my owl necklace and a girl says to me...

"Are you Chi Omega?"

Chi Omega?  I'm guessing she means Alumni Chi Omega.

Nope...just a kookoo bird with an owl necklace.  That rocks!

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