Monday, August 15, 2011


I just simply cannot believe baby peep is a college 3 a hard school...and on her way to a rival school...much closer to home...yay!

She made sure we could see her from a distance and looking on her from up above

She was so tiny in the arena and her big wave up to us reminded me of when she was in grade school and got to hold the flag during the opening ceremony of the track meet...she almost dropped the flag trying to wave to us in the stands...we were so proud!

and like proud hicks from the sticks...her entire fan club stood and waved back

and the ceremony was really about as long and short as her years at A& flew by

and the just cracked me up...tougher on some!

and as we drove the streets of her town...I got a little sentimental.  These are the streets she drove and the buildings she passed and the direction she was heading when she called me all those times when she was bummed, excited about a class, missing her boyfriend, or homesick.  And now those days are gone.

It seems like yesterday, but it seems like yesterday that she was 5 and today...she is an Aggie Alum through and through and a bride to be. 

Grab that diploma baby peep...and live life!  IT.IS.YOURS!

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