Monday, August 22, 2011


This week my sister friends each sent a daughter to college.  One the first and one the last.  So did I.  Mine graduated and will now move on to her master program.

On her way back from Boulder, my brother's wife planned to stop by for a visit.  After I had not heard from her all week, I assumed she had changed her mind or forgotten she'd planned on doing it in the first place.   She leads a very busy city life and this would not surprise me.

She texted me to say she was leaving Boulder and would be at my house by 9.  I was delighted and we spent 2 great days together laughing with no silence of either of our voices.

talked, snacked, laughed, played a joke on our brother, ustreamed a hometown parade, watched the owl box, called our other sisters, busted in on peep's house to have wine by her pond, drove to Perryton to get cheese, ate at the DQ, toured the house, watched a little tv and talked and talked and talked.

We most certainly got deep in the Bombay!

She is precious and makes me laugh.  She is from Matador and her family names are like a crazy book, (by the way, she is re-reading Atlus Shrugged.)

Bundy (her dad)
Aunt Dude (who is gay and in the cowgirl hall of fame)
Aunt Briggs
Paka and Pepper
Coke (who died at 35) and there are more that I can't remember.

She talks about them as if I'd known them as long has she has.  She doesn't say, my cousin Paka...she just says Paka....or Coke...or Aunt Dude.

When she left, she came back because she had forgotten her sunglasses.  After she found them she did not realize that she had also forgotten (which I found later) her shoes and the power cord to her IPad. And who knows what I might come across later.

I count myself so very lucky that I not only love my sister, but I love my brother's wives.  We have all been together a very long time.

As she drove off and I watched her until I couldn't see her anymore, I felt sad and I felt like I was a woman on the prairie whose sister had driven a long trail to come see me, untied her bonnet, stepped into my house and entertained me for a few days and then left.

I am lucky to know her and I can't wait to see her again. 

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