Friday, October 7, 2011


Is like the craziest thing in the world to go to!  8 hour drive, no room in the inn, hundreds of thousands of chubby women shopping with carts such as these....filled and over-filled with the latest most trendy junque.

The first thing we bought, however (and I do consider myself to be chubby just for the record) was this wonderful cart.  You could rent them for $25 an hour or buy them for $35.  Hello.  I might be homeless someday and this could come in handy. 

It also has the nice feature of holding all homeless folk seem to regard as the number one must have on your cart.

Have I mentioned that owls are IN?  I mean it people..they are HOT!
As we shopped up and down Hwy 64, after we got tired of smelling the ducks and turtles in Dog Town,  we found lots of great bargains.

We were told these were worth over $2500 and of course I believe it.  We bought them anyway...for our outdoor fireplace...when we get one and no...we didn't pay $ was bargain day!

Also very trendy this season are neutral cowhide rugs.  I have been on the ebay search for months and this was the 2nd purchase of the day.  OOOOOO!!!!

Leave it to me to always always seek out old linens...cannot wait to iron these up for a crisp white bed!

Skeleton key anyone?  With a very cute dangle?  Not sure where I will put this but I have been thinking lots about it!

and precious hubbalub always buys me a treasure...this is a very pretty shell and pearl necklace from
one of those cute little shops I could barely fit in. 

It was a great trip...quite unexpected...the very best kind...spur of the moment...crap buying days...
in Canton! 

As annoyed as I was with all those ladies bumping into me from behind with those carts, I must admit, I bumped a few butts myself...just for the fun of it.

Hey...that's how things go down in Canton!

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