Wednesday, October 5, 2011

REARRANGING SOAP almost as relaxing and fulfilling as rearranging art.

you know how you get a new picture or chair or something and you have to rearrange everything around it?
this new little soap is the catalyst...
I love soap and my peep knows it...she brought me this sussy back from her birthday trip to wine country...
for my new guest bathroom!

so...during my insomnia last night, rather than just sit in the dark, I came downstairs to sit in my bathroom and got to arranging my soap

all soap in this bathroom is just for fragrance

and looks

if you really want to get clean you will have to grab the real soap basket that will be under the vanity..
in a very cute basket I might add

no....all this stuff is NOT going on the vanity...but some of it will...that's why I have to plan ahead on the soap

on this table?  with the airplane plant that bff gave me in a glass jar that I gave her full of hyacinth blooms last spring? 
I love double gift giving!
and soap!

all new soaps will look so beautiful with the new hex tile

and the new elegant carerra shower

I have to admit...insomnia was kind of fun last night...and productive...
thanks peep!

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