Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I came a long way to see you and your pawn shop. I talked about it for weeks when I knew I was coming to your town I even gathered up some of my crap to bring you to pawn…just for fun!
Maybe if I’d done that you might have acted nicer.

But, man…you totally dissed me. When I gave you my great big Texas howdy, you just looked at me like you were bored and/or annoyed. I know we Texans can sometimes be over zealous, but you should be excited that you are a pawn star and take your role a little more seriously..because from watching you on tv…I don’t think you have much of a future except there.

I had you autograph a shot glass for my bff Missie for her 40th birthday and if you’d been the least bit kind, I might have bought a t-shirt…but nope…you gave me a bored look.

I just can’t believe that you’re already bored with being a Pawn Star.
I’m still glad I met you though. It was pretty cool!

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