Sunday, March 21, 2010


I grew up going to Sunday school and church at Pleasant Valley Baptist where my grandmother played the piano. When my family moved here, I became a Methodist. For most of my life, nearly every single Sunday consisted of Sunday school, church, and roast. It must have been deeply ingrained in me because I did the same things with my kids and I still believe it’s the way a family should live., I go to church on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday and just about every day except for Saturday and Sunday. And quite often I serve that roast that I grew to dread.

What happened? I got out of the routine and fell into a different one.

Since I now live in Empty Nesterville…our weekends are glorious! Sometimes doing absolutely nothing and sometimes cramming them so full that it takes me the week to get over it. Travel, golf, gourmet cooking, entertaining, auctions, or just skulking about the county looking for wood to carve!

So…thank you Creflo Dollar for doing what you do. Especially thank you Beth Moore…for bringing me God’s message on my schedule and letting me do my 20 minutes of stairstepping while I go to church.

Thank you me for being sure enough of who I am to not care about what people think about my spirituality.

It’s kind of a pretty darn good way to worship! But I must admit…sometimes I miss my red lips, poofy hair and dotty skirts!

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