Friday, March 26, 2010


My 2nd marriage has so far been my favorite. It kind of came about in a quirky sort of way that we won’t get into and it’s been through some things that have made me feel like I am the strongest wife on the face of the planet.

Today, I came across this photo and it almost brought me to tears.

I got married in Jayton, Texas and had my honeymoon in Post. When I tell people that, they ALL have the EXACT same question….WHY?

But that’s beside the point…the honeymoon is what’s important here.

December 20…huge and I mean HUGE blizzard…gold satin wedding dress…black high top Converse All Stars that also complemented my going away dress…sweet ceremony…and a drive a few miles away to a cozy B&B to begin our life together. When it was time to go to bed that night…my precious new husband put on a cape and literally flew into bed just like in the photo and just like Superman. That’s the way he felt. I wasn’t a virgin…better…I was Lois Lane.

His demonstrations such as these are what I love the most about him and this marriage we are in together. He continues to surprise me, make me laugh, and make me anticipate the next thing he will do that will be unforgettable. Kryptonite!

Just for the record…that bed was really antique and he was going really fast and he really broke it. We had to skulk down the hall to the library and grab a couple of books to prop it up. I’m sure the B&B keeper understood.

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