Thursday, March 18, 2010


There’s not such a thing better than having a good friend who has a pool in her backyard.

On occasion, we are all invited over, sometimes to celebrate the birthday of a friend, sometimes for no reason at all other than just to plain chill.

After the "cannon balls with pearls" have all been judged, and ice cold sangria from the fridge has been grabbed, we call dibs on the floaties and begin to ….float.
Topics of conversation might include:

  • Bob Costa's hair--real or not
  • Wedding Cake Makers
  • Nosy neighbors
  • Each other's karma
  • Purchasing the local flowershop
  • Playing the "All Time Favorite Game"
  • And most certainly...toe polish color

Benign, simple, quality, leisurely, sweet…a spectacular way to spend a hot summer afternoon with a trusted group of friends who could care less about cellulite, tummy rolls, work, or stress…and lot more about what color our toes are and who does the best cannon ball…pearls or not.

And...lazy pool side chat days? You are only just around the corner!! And we wait patiently for you!

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