Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Do you ever purchase fabric just because you like it?

Two times in the last few months, I have gone into Hobby Lobby with a big list in hand, passed through the fabric department and been totally seduced.

Last week I was on task, looking for glass jars for my sea shells
minding my own business

when I looked up and saw this

I walked by
and then around
and to the front
all the while talking myself out of it
as I headed back toward the fabric department I was
saying things to myself like, 
what if it all gets sold I would be so mad
I'll just get a couple of yards...
it's 33% off all the time

So...I bought it
A fabric that I love and have no earthly idea what in the world I will do with 
I purchased 2 yards 
 I love the 54" fabrics that have the color circles on the side so you can mix and match
so helpful

As I look at the colors in this happy little print, I realize so much of the art I have (currently being stored under beds, in the cellar, in the garage)...have these same colors in common.
I'm drawn to them no matter how much I like the all white look

One of my favorites..hubs bought it for me when we had a 
granddaughter to call me "Poppy"
I can't wait to hang it

A Plan?
I think I will paint the walls of my art loft a soft buttery yellow...the antique buffet the wonderful juicy raspberry and the inside of the turret some kind of deeper yellow hue...leaning toward gold.  I think I will find some kind of artsy phrase and free hand it on the wall.  I also found a cute little glass mosaic mirror at Pier 1 that looks like a sunflower.  Yep...

That will be the basic.  Then I'll put all kinds of fun fabrics in the purples and greens on the gypsy daybed.

but I really like that brown 
that would be unusual...a different plan?  No.

The loft will become a fun light space in which to create and while all I've been doing these days is wall paint, that can sometimes allow for a little creativity too.

Believe it or not...I'm not that far from paint on the walls!  And then...look out...I am going to be doing some projects!

like making me a pallet table

That Mr. Hobby Lobby sure knew what he was doing when he put the fabric in the back.
Like the bathrooms in a casino


Anonymous said...

you always make me smile, everytime, those are my fav colors too, my walls are white but I have color everywhere else, my mother says its the gypsy in me!!!!!!
The fabric is beautiful, I just love the sound of your home,

It's All Connected said...

You're talking to a fabric addict here, so I fully understand you buying some without a purpose! ~ Maureen

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Those retailers know sure know how to draw us the fabric and your plan for the turret room. So exciting that you are almost at the painting phase.

Geneva said...

I can definitely see the attraction...that fabric is gorgeous! I'm liking your plan a lot. How Exciting!