Tuesday, July 10, 2012


If you don't mind being a bit un-swank, and you're going on a road trip that will be a bit like a camping trip without a tent...

consider packing in a laundry basket.

I came across this laundry basket idea out of sheer serendipity.  We have been living a nomad lifestyle since we moved into 822....moving from bedroom to bedroom as we have renovated them.  Hubby has a professional job, so his nice suits, starchy shirts and ties have remained intact in a closet in the upstairs bedroom, but I have kept mine in a couple of laundry baskets here and there because my real job is in front of a computer and I might be in my jammies.

We have taken a couple of road trips and it's just so much easier than trying to locate the suitcase...and out of probable laziness...I find it just easier to pack the basket.

I really like this laundry basket idea--for 2 reasons.

1.  Practicality, in that you can put your dirty clothes in it each day and be all ready for washing when you get home
2.  It doesn't take up space in the car..you can stack other stuff right on top of it...like a 32 pack

Another thing I like to do is pack my crappy clothes on a trip and just leave them behind.  This can make way for all the important stuff you come across on a trip that you can load up in your laundry basket instead.

1.  No dirty clothes when you get home
2.  New stuff when you get home that you really want besides faded boxers and hole-y socks

Now, before you go thinking I'm un-swank through and through, I do have an elusive suitcase or two and I do pack like a normal person when I fly.  I have even been complimented on my outfits, hats and gloves.

But this week, when we take baby bo peep across Texas, driving from the top to the bottom and stopping at all historic points in between like the Alamo and Fossil Rim Wildlife Range...ending up at the beach...I will have all my sundry items in a large laundry basket, stashed in the back among wedding presents that will be dropped off to the newlyweds on the way back home. (32 pack...as in glasses...see how you are!)

And there is a very good chance there will be few clothes making the trip home..but more like

1.  sand and seashells and I'm looking for a great piece of drift wood
2.  a sword from the Alamo

and maybe a giant stuffed ostrich from Fossil Rim~

Another thing I'm doing this trip...I got a camera disc just for this occasion and intend to purchase one of those photo show frames just for Betty.  It's kind of like watching tv...only YOU are the star!


Anonymous said...

Love this idea! On trips, we keep our clean clothes folded in duffle bags with an extra duffle folded inside for dirty laundry, which can also be tossed in the laundry once we return home.
Hey - have a GREAT time, K?

Anonymous said...

sounds like an exciting time!! You have a busy busy life, I would love to see the fossil ridge, that would be amazing, I think you're packing idea is a good one.

By Nela said...

Una idea estupenda.



LKB said...

I have that same laundry basket and it is usually used for anything but laundry. It has held tools, gardening supplies and recently newly birthed baby schnauzer dogs (brown in color)

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

What a great idea. I use a laundry basket for all my flip flops which works great for me right now.
Have a good night.

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh...the many uses of a laundry basket!

Linda said...

There's no shame in being practical!! Have a great trip! I love San Antonio! We stayed at The Menger once...and talk about spooky!!! Loved it!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Just because it says "laundry" doesn't mean that basket can't be used for other things!! When travelling by car, it really doesn't matter what you pack things in. Don't you remember the college kids packing their belongings in garbage bags?

Have a great trip!!

Style Maniac said...

I've done that wear icky clothes (on the plane) and discard -- great idea!

Hope you have a fabulous vacation.

Karena said...

Great idea and a great reason to pick up some new items and just toss the faded t shirt.

Another tip I had not thought of and saw recently was rolling up items vertically so you can see what you have instead of messing up the horizontal stacks while searching...

Art by Karena

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I can't think of the Alamo without thinking of Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure, where he was told his bike was in the basement of the Alamo. Ha, ha, clearly not from Texas, or he would have known we don't have basements, at least not where I'm from.