Saturday, July 21, 2012


On January 31, 1988 there was a record high temperature of 88 degrees.  The next day, February 1, 1988 was our son's 8th birthday...he got a baby calf...the day before would have been a great day to bottle feed that baby outside with all his 8 year old friends...nope...February 1, (his actual birthday) it was 10 degrees with ice.

The birthday party and the baby calf moved indoors.
booger poop

This is precisely the reason we went with the choice of the pool liner.  Stay with me here.
We got bids and if you remember...the concrete pool bid was over $85K.   
The pre-form bid was about the same

The only other person for miles around that installs pools does the pool liners and he has been in the business for 31 years--and it's the ONLY way he will do it in the Texas Panhandle due to the freeze/thaw unpredictable weather as mentioned above.

When you fly over Houston or Dallas, you will notice that nearly EVERY single house has a pool.  They just do...such a beautiful site from above.  I understand it is a requirement.

I think the census in the early 70's touted Hansford County as THE richest county, per capita, in the nation.  Oil and gas, cattle, ranch and farm land.

But not a pool in site.
Too ostentatious, too show-boat, too too much.
(Our pool might be number #7?  in 100+ years
we aren't showin''s dang hot in this town!)

In 2005 Gus Birdwell Elementary was built on the donated fortune of one man.  Gus, who wore all his clothes from the thriftshop and lived in a tiny little home on Dressen Street,  turns out was a mega millionaire.

I can't help but wonder if when he was 80 and very very hot in his tattered wool gaberdine jacket from the Library Thrift Shop, he wouldn't have wished he'd enjoyed just one day, floating in a nice cool blue pool drinking a nice cold Coors with blue mountains.

Unless we win the lottery, we will never be like Gus.

I admire that he left his fortune to build a school for our kids, but I think he could have afforded to treat himself also.  He earned it.

for real????

the area will have rock leftover from the house
a concrete area and coping surround
we are still toying with brick or flagstone
we want it to be very contemporary as opposed to very old world
this was a very hard decision that I am still not certain of

she might spill water into the pool, however we do have some awesome copper spitting koi fish

I will be glad to get rid of this covert army shade thingy
but I understand...we have had 100+ degree temps all summer
David the Pool Man says it's 10 degrees cooler under here

Middle East? ish?

this will house all the equipment and be rocked and roofed to match the house
in front of it will be a pergola and some kind of water feature
Mr. B wants a slide made of rocks for Betty...yeah right... I know who wants to slide

We work hard...we work hard for our money and we don't have that much like some.  (I always tell the children--there will always be someone that has more than you do and always someone with just enjoy who you are)

But we made the choice to enjoy a pool...

and it was a good one

pretend this is Mr. B

and pretend this is me!

YAY for the days of summer that are left!
hot fun in the summertime


LKB said...

Yep, I knew no pools except for people with that last name when I resided in Hansford county. I always have to explain to people why I don't ever think to request to eat Chinese/Asian food or seafood. It is not that I hate either one but years of not being exposed has left me a Mexican/American food kind of girl. The pool look fantastic and you look great girl! :)

Shabbyfufu said...

LOL...funny story! We have a pool and don't do a thing with it....except clean it!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pool.enjoy it, sounds like you earned and deserve it,

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

It will be hot fun, especially if Mr. B looks anything like his imaginary picture!!

Seriously - water!!! Halleluia!!

Geneva said...

I love your story telling with each and every post...! You're going to enjoy your pool. The shad is probably a good idea. We had a pool in our previous house, and sometimes the water was way to hot to enjoy. Your place looks amazing on every level...LOVE it!

South Shore Decorating Blog said...

SO glad you are getting a pool! We got a preform drop in fiberglass one but I can assure you it was no where NEAR what they quoted you! That's weird! Anyway, you rs is gorgeous!!

Savvy Seasons said...

We had a pool years ago and loved it, I really miss having one, so you will definitely enjoy it! =)