Friday, July 20, 2012


even though my house is full to the brim of
crap cool stuff
I just can't seem to help myself

I bought this little tea table in Santa Fe and
I knew when I bought it this is what I wanted

a jar of sand and shells from Port Aransas
and a photo of us at the beach with our Betty
(this will go on top of my jewelry counter in our closet)

I have always loved shells and the mystery of the deep blue sea
I also love to buy books from our travels

this sweet little brass thing will hold our soap at the outdoor shower

a real life fossil from Fossil Rim
I didn't buy it..but they have plenty to share
It used to be the Comanche Sea a zillion years the whole area is fossil rich

a Cardinal walking stick

to go in hub's work space man cave

not a good photo because my garage is very dark
but this is a drift wood windchime and it is very long and very beachy

We had the most interesting visit with the hippy man with a Smurf shirt from SeaShellWorld in 
Aransas Pass.  He bought a literal ton of shells in the 80s that are no longer available for harvest
this one is a huge double...I wanted a REALLY huge one but they were $3000...
all of his shells came from Haiti and down around the African coast
very authentic and a huge selection
he knew a lot about them

I cannot wait to put this keeps me up at night thinking 

My sister is a crab...her birthday occurred while we were traveling so I got her these sussies
hard to tell, but the little one is silver
and even though she's a crab..she's just the bff for all my life

and speaking of silver...a precious little silver baby cup

I have a travel tree at I always buy ornaments
Alamo and Port Aransas..that was the only time I remembered on this trip
that Betty kept my brain busy on other what I was buying her!

another turtle...remember...we are the Turtle Clan

these are going to be lamp finials
have you concluded that our master bed/bath will be of ocean in theme?
it will be more subtle than it seems

my favorite...what do you suppose?

is in the wrapping?

that will go in here?

to look like this?
(I have one from every beach I've ever been to
this particular one is from Chan Chemuyil-Akumal)

you always begin with sand
I am not too embarrassed to haul around some container of sand 
though it's much easier in your own car than on a plane
Port A Sand is very fine and fairly light

I do have a jar of shells we collected on the beach, but they are very small
these shells are from the area, but professionally harvested and sold
it's ok...I even like them from Hobby Lobby at times

I fill my glass jar with sand, add the shells, usually some other kind of trinket like drift wood or sea glass, a cork from a bottle of wine and a handwritten note of where we were

A fond memory that will last a lifetime


It's All Connected said...

They are all wonderful things, found with an artist's eye. I will remember the idea of the wine cork, sand and shell to commemorate a particular beach. Thanks! ~ Maureen

Lil Blue said...

Great and wondefull!

By Nela said...

Detalles preciosos y encantadores.

Un abrazo muy cariñoso.


South Shore Decorating Blog said...

Love seeing all your knickknacks and finds!

fiona anderson said...

All your collections are great - love that table and the coral. Your master suite is going to be gorgeous !

Samantha said...

I love your collection, especially that coral. We have lots of fond memories of Port Aransas too!
:) Samantha

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Great finds, Gina. Love all your collections. As for the shell finials, check out For The Love of A House blog - she did them and they look amazing.

Also will be stealing/borrowing your travel tree idea.

Happy weekend!

Geneva said...

I love how your mind works...Great Finds with Great Vision.

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