Saturday, April 10, 2010


All Time Favorite Game
Create a circle with the ones you have invited
Choose a beginner
The beginner chooses the category…i.e….my all time favorite….

Use of Party Hats

Everyone in the circle tells about his or her all time favorite use of party hats.

Let me interrupt peeps..this can be an intimate game and goes very well with Sapphire Bombay…. something I refer to often as "Getting Deep Into the Bombay"

The next person chooses their all time favorite "vacation out of the country" (show off) and so everyone in the circle tells about their all time favorite vacation out of the country...and on the game goes.

So you get the idea…the more people the more interesting the category and answers…

Again..this game goes very well with a bottle of wine or scotch….or Sapphire Bombay...and snackypoos...

Or coffee and cheesecake if you’re a teetotaler….

After every one in the circle has selected a category, you have…

Lyao…maybe shed a tear or two…and most important of all….gotten to know the peeps you are with…who they love, what they love, why they love….

A very cool game indeed!

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