Saturday, April 17, 2010


She said when she walked into my backyard, “this looks just like my Aunt Dolly’s backyard!” I knew exactly what she meant only I don’t want to be an Aunt Dolly, I prefer to be something more along the lines of …well, I’m not exactly sure yet, but Poppy could be it.

Over the years I have been able to live at Miss Collard’s house and Miss Berry’s house and collect from those basements and garages, old clay pots penciled in hand, “tea roses”, and/or old containers of root stimulator, and rose dust, or tools that could be from the early 1900’s. Somehow, I connected. Maybe I was born connected and that explains my rock collections and my nieces calling me the nature girl.

My garden today includes a plethora of flowers that I have transplanted at every venture and turn in my life. I am so proud to say that I have been able to grow Iris from T. D. Sansing’s meticulous long gone Iris beds. Echinacea from Carrie Marie Berry. My favorite dinner plate Peonies from Harriet Collard, probably as old as this town. Tiger Lily from Francis Williams and Five O'Clocks from Vera Beth Hicks. Society Garlic and JFK Roses left by Ruth and Major--well you just have to see it to understand…drop in, bring a trowel, and I’ll share. Someday someone might say about me…. “I have Poppy’s wisteria taking over that spot right over there! Isn't it spectacular?”

John Muir said it best; “most people are on the world, not in it.”
Life is a garden…dig it!

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