Thursday, April 1, 2010


Level 1, 74-95 mph
Level 2, 96-110 mph
Level 3, 111-130 mph
Level 4, 131-155 mph
Level 5, 156 mph
It wasn't quite this bad at Hansford County Golf Course yesterday...but it was pretty bad...
  • The roof was about to blow off the bathroom on #7.
  • A couple of my balls actually went out of bounds which rarely happens since I don't drive them that far
  • You could see the ball sway in the wind during a slow deliberate putt
  • And my hair got really messed up and I had sand in my ears

But like we always say here in the Texas Panhandle..if you wait on a perfect day to may never get we got a good laugh that while some might board up windows in a wind like that...we chose to play 9 and nearly got into a playoff hole until Earl chipped in for an Eagle on #9.

Dang him!

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