Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am about to yellow highlight Life List # 80--Go to the Kentucky Derby. I have been on quite a few good and fun and far trips, but never have I ever planned so much in advance as I have for this one.

I’ve been practicing drinking Mint Juleps, shopping for hubby’s ties and shoes and sunglasses, thinking about what to wear or not, having dinner parties with friends going with us, golf dates with friends going with us, planning, planning, planning.

But as you all know…the biggest responsibility of all is….THE HAT.

I became the recipient of my hubby’s great grandmother Babboo’s hats. I had decided that I would wear one as my hat on Kentucky Derby Day. A lovely little straw couture Cloche bell hat with orange piping and netting and a few little green leaves. PERFECT.

In my planning for the Oaks and the Derby…I took a day to go buy a dress to match my hat. I’m sure most people thought I was a kook, (which btw I am quite used to) as I took this old fashioned hat along with me into the stores. Sadly, I did not find a dress to match the hat. But I did find a neat birdfeeder.

My daughter came to spend the night and I had laid out my entire wardrobe (another first), jewelry included and we all decided…perfect clothes but no perfect hat…yet.

My bopeep and I got deep into the Bombay solving the world’s problems and here’s the cute part…I noticed hubby missing…when I located him…he was searching Ebay and found several cloche hats that I might be interested in.

He said…do you like this hat?

I said…Go Dog Go!

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tracylynn said...

Now that hat would be special. When you are wasted, which you probably will be at some point, B can say...just follow the flower Gina.....