Friday, April 9, 2010


Life is like advertising.

Can’t you really say this about everything concerning life having to do with life?
i.e.….life is like 8th grade…or life is like that…or life is like…fill in the blank.

But since I am an online news editor…I have begun to contemplate how life is like advertisement.

Small town…no small town media needs? Not so…media needs are what make this place tick and tick it does. We have precious little retail, and very much farming and oil and gas related businesses… not many people really need to sell anything…yet..they advertise.

I have put them into four categories.

Non Advertisers…they never will. They are against it. We call them in our neck of the woods…aginners. Mostly they don’t like pig farms or wind turbines and they sure don’t like online news.

Short Termers. They advertise when they need it. Short, to the point, no commitment. They need something. I deliver. They are very predictable.

Better Than Short Termers. They want to give it a try. Maybe they are beginning a new business, trying new things, so I might have their attention for a few months, maybe six…they don’t get anything out of they are gone. Easy come easy go. These people used to hurt my feelings. I would put the blame on myself that I had done something wrong, not delivered. But I realize this is about them and not my product.

And then there are my favorites. The Diehard Fans. These are the people that will be with you until you’re the one not doing it anymore. They don’t have to have a thing to sell…the only thing they care about is that they are backing what you do because either they like you or they like what you’re doing..and they are a fan.

In case you think I might not like any of these’s just not true..I have friends that fit all the categories.

But I guess my entire point is how very much I appreciate those that appreciate me and the effort I expend to do this service I take oh so seriously. But more to the point..I hope that I’m that kind of person. A get on the band wagon dyed in the wool kind of gal that is loyal until the end!

Which are you?

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