Friday, April 16, 2010


I have two yearly rituals. This is a funny statement...but as far as this story goes...two.

Fall's First Fire and the day I clean the ashes out and replace the grate with my candelabra, which I will name later when I think of a fitting name.

Fall's First Fire

You wait all late summer for the leaves to change, the wind to change, the feeling to change. The fireplace has been filled all spring and summer with candles, fresh flowers from my backyard, or seashells from a past vacation.

When the perfect day arrives...fog hangs in the early morning air...leaves are just beginning to blaze...your warm breath makes a cloud...somehow you just know it's time.

So long summer...get in this fireplace Mr. Grate. And make room for some wood!

Lay the fire. Invite friends to celebrate the very first fire you will light in your fireplace this season.

Fall's First Fire.

Sweet friends, delicious food, the perfect wine...and a fire that will not go out until next April.

But just the opposite like the equinox comes the day you know your fires are over. Spring is in the air, the clouds hold rain rather than snow, the tulips pop up through the cold ground and the wisteria begins to bloom.

Clean the ashes, sweep the soot, bring in the candelabra and adorn the mantle with spring and summer. I still have a fire in the fireplace, only it’s in the form of a candle flickering in glass. A completely different kind of feel that will certainly do until….

Until….fog hangs in the early morning air.

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