Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There once was a girl named Jackie
Nicer than heck and kind of wacky

Ok…that’s all I can rhyme..but let me tell you about this precious peach…

When my Dumas HPO was suffering from an editor that had a real job that took her real places and not out reporting…I had to come to a decision…get someone to report or let it go….because there are too many miles between me and those headlines.

But I have gone way too far to give up--there isn’t that much money to be made…and while there are editors in other towns that golf instead of edit, write, report, or papparaz, ours is actually working her behunkas off. And besides, something in my soul just won't let me let it go.

So, I was recommended this little firecracker and truly if it were not for her…there would be no http://www.highplainosbserverdumas.com/.

My editor has now taken a promotion, which has left her less time than before…so all the duties have fallen on Jackie. I admit..they aren’t really all that hard and if you like snooping around and taking photos it’s really kind of fun. But it takes a commitment of being out and about even if you don’t feel like it.

So…Miss Gingerhead…here’s to you!

You are the best!

Thank you..thank you..thank you…

One of these days…your paycheck will jump like a frog
But for now…you just get to be praised in my blog!

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