Friday, May 21, 2010


Remembering the first week of summer vacation at Granny Bea’s gives me comfort to this day.

I wonder if she was as excited to have me and I was to go.

For me it meant:

Homemade peach ice cream using a handle that I turned myself…rock salt and ice
Sheets and pillowcases that were starched and ironed and smelled like the sun
Her always no matter what wearing a pretty dress and a pretty apron and putting "cold cream" on her face
Fried potatoes and ham
Using her plentiful rose petals placed gently between my lips to mimic lipstick
The sound of the traffic through her open window as I drifted off to sleep
Her rubbing my growing legs
Rice with butter and sugar for breakfast
Listening as she did her daily bible study and most of all beginning with

My most gracious heavenly father…thank you….

Man I love that precious woman…and I think about her every day and hope that little Betty and those that come after her will feel this way about me.

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