Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Once I went to a college basketball game and like most college football games, entertained myself with the band rather than the sports action.

But because of one person, this band stood out and 12 years later I still remember this young man.

He played the tuba.

Ok..I know what you’re thinking. Dork, nerd, hide behind the biggest instrument you can and rumba bumba unnoticed.


He was in his own world, still adding to the group, dancing to his own music, and I might add, dancing quite unforgettably.

I felt like I was spying on him, but I literally could not stop watching him.


Because he was cool. He was happy. He was filled with enthusiasm for his huge tuba. He was having fun. He was making soulful music. He was overflowing with joy and he made me happy to watch him. And he made me watch him instead of what I came to watch. His animation was far more interesting than anything in that gym.

He inspired me.

He inspired me to be more like him.

Who is watching you do what you do? What do you do when you think no one is watching?

Do you inspire people with who you are and how you dance to life?

Your music is your choice…don’t be forlorn…you never know who you may be inspiring…or not.

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