Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Page 106..."One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few and they are more beautiful if there are a few."

I am a possessor by nature. Empty? Lonely? Covetress? Lover of beauty? Perhaps all and more.

In my late spring cleaning I removed from my bed alone...
  • 2 mink pillows created from Babboo's stole
  • 1 wine colored Euro beaded silk pillow
  • 2 bumble bee motif down pillows
  • 1 set of brown French bumble bee sheets
  • 3 raw silk fringed pillows--3 shades of red
  • 1 curry suede duvet cover with yellow down comforter within
  • 1 flowered duvet cover folded at the end of the bed
  • 1 tiny but significant fringe AND beaded square pillow

and replaced with...

  • 1 plain white fitted sheet
  • 1 plain white goose down comforter
  • 2 plain white feather pillows
  • 2 Ralph Lauren (very old and faded but soft) yellow flower pillowcases on down pillows

that's that's all...good gosh! Am I King Henry the 8th?

No...I am Anne Murrow Lindbergh learning to embrace simplicity...

at least for the summer!

Thanks Jules! The book is excellent!

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