Monday, May 17, 2010


I’m not about all that in the tech department, but I try to keep up.

When my youngest peep started out with her cell phone I knew there would be something that would come along that would be different for her… different than talking and different than email…so I asked her.

"What do you think is on the horizon?"

She not only already knew the answer..she was already quite engaged in it…it was called "texting."

She ended our conversation with.."don’t do it mom."

And I didn’t for a long time. And then everyone was doing it. And then I refused to do it. And then I changed my mind and decided to do it. And tried to change my phone plan to do it. And it wouldn’t do it. And so I decided that if there was a cool thing after email..then there would be a cool thing after texting and THAT’S the thing I’d DO!

Then one day…someone said they had received a voice text. This, I understand is where you say what you want to say and send it in a text format.

Holy Majoli…it seems a lot like…uh…talking? Is actual talking the new thing that’s just around the corner?

Yep...I think I can do that!

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