Friday, May 7, 2010


Don’t be scared…I’m half-blind and spend most of my time in front of my computer or looking out my window at my puny marigolds.

Please bear with me as we stand one more story about the Kentucky Derby?

Actually, this story doesn’t have much to do with the Derby…it was merely the setting that gave me the opportunity to once again post about the subject of inspiring others.

Did I mention…it was the wettest Derby in 136 years? We were lucky in that the first day we sat in the sunny infield and on the rainy day had nice toasty warm seats under the stadium. Many were not so fortunate.

It was like…well nothing I’ve ever seen. Like…Easter only fancier and more old fashioned.

Seersucker suits, pastel shirts, bow ties, huge hats with ostrich feathers, little hats with bitsy birds, and a few picnic baskets.

I would imagine that the biggest majority of those in attendance were living a dream like I was…just once in their lifetime the chance to attend the Kentucky Derby. This group of gentlemen sat just in front of me. They were rowdy and full of fun and vigor. And they entertained me.

So…if your dream comes true during a record downpour what is one to do?

I suggest…do as these young gents did.

They went on with it. And while they were going on with it....I was sitting just behind them…in awe…as I watched them sit for hours in the rain, soaking their navy blazers to the last thread, and drinking mint juleps even though my bet would be they had purchased their IDs rather than earned them with birthday candles.

And they laughed. And they back patted. And they got rained on…but they never, not ever left their seats.

I went to meet them and the one with red hair told me his suit belonged to his father who had worn it to the derby in 1953. The one with the dark hair introduced me to his fiancée. They gave me their email, but it got soaked and when I got home, I could no longer read it.

So let’s just hope for a little miracle shall we? Maybe you know them and you can pass this on to them.

Maybe you just wish you did. Or wish your son could amuse someone like this from a distance. Or maybe you wish you could be more like them…I know I wish that.

Again the question….what kind of dance are you dancing when you think no one is watching? Who do you inspire while you’re just living your life?

This is a challenge. Your actions do inspire others. Take that seriously because you might actually make someone laugh, or think, or wonder, or just plain go deeper. Some small little gesture may be a thing remembered years later.

YOU…could be the unforgettable person…and I think that would be quite grand!

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