Sunday, May 9, 2010


To Whom It May Concern,I'm writing because I'm giving my English Bulldog Puppies away,amgiving them away because am too busy at work so i don't have enoughtime to take good care of them again so i will like to put this inyour newspaper for both online and onprint edition.MY AD SAYS: FREE ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES IF YOU ARE INTERESTEDCONTACT chris_evans2010@hotmail.comKindly Get Back To Me with the rate for my ad and i will send you mycredit card detail for payment.ThanksChris Evans.

Hi Chris...FYI...I was born at night, but not last night. And if I were born last night it wouldn't take me long to get you and peeps like you figured out. You see...I have 3 newspapers in 3 towns and that makes..yes you guessed it...3 emails...that I get this type of request all the time.

So you see..Mr.

your requests sort of stick out like a big fat sore thumb.

My standard reply to peeps like you goes like this....

Dear Chris...we don't scam our readers and perhaps you should consider getting a real job. You have been reported to the proper authorities. Shame on you.

Now..if the emailer uses Reverend in front of his name...he gets a shame shame shame on you.

You are giving yourself some bad Karma. And I am the Bad Karma police for my area. Watch out!

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