Monday, May 3, 2010


I have successfully highlighted in yellow another number on my lifelist...I do believe it is #86...Go to the Kentucky Derby.

At the moment, my head is still trying to wrap around it all.

I could be having some difficulty due to attending the wettest Kentucky Derby in history, or wading in the waters of the only major flood Nashville has ever experienced (yes that's where we flew into and out of), or maybe the fact that we drove to Indiana just for a martini after enjoying at least one Mint Julep at the race.

This photo includes someone I have never seen before nor will ever see again. He obviously was a sharp dressed man on the other side of the Indiana state line and somehow made his way into the vicinity of me and my camera.

I am currently downloading 465 such photos of which I promised to be very careful to share, or rather not to share.

My head and heart are full of all the things I saw, heard and did that are truly unforgettable. But until I can catalog it all I will leave you with my favorite quote of the trip from my precious husband....

"If it were not for the Kentucky Derby, no seersucker would be sold."

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