Wednesday, June 1, 2011


50 years.  Fifty Years.


I won't be here....

Unless they find a cure for death...or old age.

It would be just my luck to get stuck being 90 instead of 36 or fav years so far.

This is my time capsule.  I have been dropping stuff in it for months now.  Wine corks, wine bottles, calendars, old books, photos, marble, paint chips, my bible study of David...and my workers have added to it as well.

Brian and I wrote a letter for those present in 2061 to read.  It's funny.  They will laugh. And they will  know how much we love this old house and how much they dang sure better not sell it.

Today it is closed and sealed.
To be opened in 2061.
Fifty Years.

She will be my age.

Whoa and Wow!

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