Friday, June 3, 2011


Ok....oldest bro is a jokster...he was born joking. 

You just never know when to take him seriously and so we always call "BS"

Last week I have a missed call.  His ringtone is Lime in the Coconut..fits him perfectly...

So...I called him back...he's in town.  Yes he really is.

He's on a top secret mission

He says...I'm actually going through the county and I'm working for someone who is very famous and he says to the person sitting next to him..."can I tell her? {{yes}} are you sure?" {{yes}}

Well...who it for real?  Is he kidding?  Is it really who he says it is that's going to buy a ranch in Hansford County?

I'm not sure...but this photo was snapped by the paparazzi at a local lunch joint!

Time is our friend

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